Bring on the STORM!

Bring on the storm
Bring on the hurt
Bring on the pain
Bring on the sorrow

Let the tears stream down these cheeks upon your face
Let the words speak that have been hidden for so long

Release the anger that can no longer be built,
For it is ready to be torn down

Break down the walls that have held so much bullshit and lies
Break down the doors that have been blocked by knocks of anger

Destroy the hope that never was
Restore the heart that has fallen to pieces
Rebuild the life that has been lost

Release the suffering for one last cause
For it is time for you to rise

Bring on the smiles
Bring on the joy
Bring on the love that has been lost

Bring the heart that wishes to be mended
Spread the hope of one day feeling complete
Let out the tears of joy from releasement

For you have learned you are incredible


Ready to be Happy

October 2015.


It’s been a little journey. Maybe even a little bit of a struggle. But honestly, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot on my own.

Things to be proud of. I’ve done somethings that I never thought possible, or was to afraid to do things on my own without knowing if I could succeed or not.

It has made me somewhat a of a stronger person.

But I’ve also feel like I’ve missed out on somethings.

I am a person who enjoys sharing the little things and doing the little things. (That part has been a little difficult).

Sometimes it is just easier to just blame this generation and myself for being to afraid to venture out on things and take risks.

Who knows where I would be now?

But one thing that I will not do is settle

I think everyone deserves happiness, in any shape or form.

I think everyone has a certain passion that they hold that they can’t wait to show to the world… but only at the right time .. when they are ready

But only they know when it is time.

They say that you can create your own happiness. Maybe even control it as well..
That is probably true, to some degree but there is no denying the happiness that hides within.

Take each day as if it really is your last,
Make sure you laugh as much as possible
Make sure you smile from ear to ear
Make sure you use your ears to hear the ones who wish to be heard
BE the person within

…with no regrets…

Single or not 🙂

That is all ❤


My Thoughts Aloud, But In Writing

So I was in the shower,
taking a dump,
just kidding.

That sounded like the best way to start this little number off so I went for it.
So I was in the shower (that fact is very true) and I just randomly started thinking about.. everything.
Does that happen to anyone else out there?
Just random thoughts that you have to say out loud to yourself, because if you don’t its clearly not the same.

I literally thought about modeling, and to go into a little bit of depth with that.
Who is going to be doing a shoot with Brock O’Hurn… thinking about a person who isn’t even on that level or even models.
The things that pop in my head sometimes. I can’t even tell you how much it doesn’t make any sense what so ever. But can we take a quick moment to appreciate that guy

okay, times up thank you.

This week I discovered/found myself using the word LITERALLY way to much.
I feel like this is my new favorite word.
I also realized that I forgot how much I love watching American Dad and that it’s literally (here we go)
the best show I have ever seen in my LIFE.
(I may have taken that a bit further than what I intended to but oh well)

Also, discovered how amazing Olive Garden is.
I love pasta so it just makes the most sense.
(I literally was not going to add that but it just popped in my head and I felt the need to share this with my fellow pasta lovers as well)

Now I completely forgot what I was even going to write next…

Just wait it will come to me.. sooner or later… eh probably not

Moving on…

Oh yeah, so sleep sounds down right amazing right now.
And it is literally (and I just keep on doing it) only half past noon.
so much simpler.
Why do people take the time to say all those words when they could literally (damn) just say the actual time….

I can’t believe that it is already October. Some people have been counting down for this month/Halloween since 11:59 PM on October 31,2016. lol

But anyways this seems like a good place to put my book mark.
Over && Out!