The Battle of Puebla

I think this subject comes up every so often when it comes to the holiday Cinco de Mayo.

Does anyone really know or even care how this became a holiday or what it even stands for?

My guess is going to be a lot of people do not know.

I rarely remember anything, especially when it comes to history.

I’ll snooze on through it.

But in all serious the Battle of Puebla was a thing && the reason why so many of us celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

It’s also kind of funny to me to think that there are so many people out there.. In the US who have this thing against other cultures. But from what I’ve seen, it all seems to go away when it comes to having a reason to drink.

Crazy isn’t it?

Now I don’t know a whole lot about the history of this holiday && I did not drink any tequila.. Sorry.

But I do know that it was considered a minor event that literally only took like 4 days.

&& on May 9th, Cinco de Mayo was declared a holiday.

Not to be confused with the independence of Mexico.

(Completely different time)

But anyways.

I hope everyone had a good day && if you chose to drink like myself, good for you.

Even though I am not super big on drinking. I figured today would be a good day to do so, just not go super crazy && keep it classic with myself && have a drink made with pineapple 😁

Happy Sunday/Cinco de Mayo!


Like a Scene From the Movies

Where did I miss the turn?

When did it all go wrong?

Why haven’t I been able to see past all the things that have blinded me for so long?

I swear that I am not asking for a lot.

Just something.

Something small.

Something that some might even take for granted.

I swear sometimes I feel like I could be in a movie.

You know the kind where everything just falls in to place like an amazing big fat fairy tale.

But then always.


When I am about to get to the good part it stops working….

The connection is lost..

I am lost..

It is basically like the end of the world…


Don’t we all want to be someone’s favorite good morning && favorite good night?

Or is that just me?

Sometimes more often than planned..

I crave that attention..

Probably because I never get it!

But I do welcome it, just not to anyone though,

Should I be that person in the movies who goes after what they want?

Or be that person who waits for it all to come to them ?

Both sound pretty unsure.


Let’s flip a coin && see if it will land on tails….


I always joke around && say that I will meet this person at the grocery.

We would be in the same aisle.

Reaching for the same item && actually touch hands &&



Then we have this great conversation && it turns out that we have a shit ton in common..
blah. blah. blah
&& live happily ever after….


Well to be more specific.
We would be in the soup aisle.
You will be reaching for a soup near the top.. eh maybe like a cream soup
&& I will reach for the same one.
Knowing damn well I don’t eat soup..


I was literally laughing the whole time while I wrote that last little bit,
(I just thought you would like to know that.)


But man, I really don’t know.
I feel like I am always talk about the same kind of things in my posts. But it is all at different times in the year or month or day, it is just a “common” topic for myself.
(Again… this is basically my journal for you to get lost in..)

You know we all go through these things in life && sometimes revisiting it seems to shed more light on to somethings && it all makes sense again.

I am patiently “waiting”
Sort of becoming impatient because time is ticking away.


What can you really do, settling is not an option for this fool!




This is the thing that scares me the most about my blog. 
I always want to write and make content entertaining enough for those who want to read it, but sometimes I can’t get the words out in the right kind of way.

It is like I am almost afraid to write,
Like I am going to discover something unknown or something weird like that
(I know, my mind has all kinds of tricks up its’ sleeve)

But anyways..

That is mainly why my post have been so scattered, just like my brain 90% of the time,
it’s crazy && I also don’t post unless I feel 200% confident about what I am putting out, (minus like my one blog that pretty much states that this post makes no sense. )

There was a time in my life where I had a somewhat steady YouTube Channel
Using steady in the way meaning that I uploaded regularly. 
There are times when I do miss it.

Moving forward,

So the other day, I was in my car, and started to vlog something.
I charged my camera while I was getting ready in the morning && decided to bring it along with me for the day.

This was finally it, I was going to make a video and possibly post it to my channel after a good year or more. I haven’t watched it back but I speak my mind when I feel the need to and rant to myself just to get it out of my head and into the space in front of me. 

None of it will probably make sense, but I am ready to not be afraid to put my thoughts into the world, in hopes someone can relate. 

(Even though with this blog I have been doing it this whole time.)

Thank you so much ☺️




One Time We Painted…

So the other day.

Like a  few weeks ago actually.

I went over to my cousins house to attempt to paint a master piece on a few walls in her kids bedroom.

One to start.

(The other room is another adventure that has yet to be written.)

But first. I’m not gonna lie.

She had mentioned this a few times but I did not feel like being active because sleep was sounding way too good at the time.

Being off for like three weeks from work.
Like what what.
Lol yes, I wasn’t about that doing shit life. tbh.


So I got over there at like…. 11 in the morning.

I want to say like 11:08 but same shit

(we are just going to round backwards to make it look like I was up a little earlier)

So we started by trying to figure out a game plan.

She had already did some sketches and what not hours before I got there.

So basically we went with a city “outline” on the one wall and then the other was Captain America’s Shield. And then a door that was referenced to Superman.

So I want to say after all was said and done with the tape up and all it was like after 1.

We were not really about that life and hungry from all the “work” we had done and went to eat lol

I mean we did, I think start to paint before that.

So here was where we were at.

I had to do the door because I just had to. (It was given to me)

Lmao and of course.

Of course ,I didn’t take a picture of the door.

So that was basically phase 1.

Looks pretty good right. Like we are some mothafukking professionals up in this bitch.

Hire us.


This was some during and then that’s all I got.


I ended up doing the star white and we did the rest of this wall grey in a “fuck it” way because of the colors we had to use.

And didn’t get a picture of anything else …lmao

Not gonna lie I thought that I had more pictures but I clearly dropped the ball on this one folks.

So sorry if you thought this was going to be a long drawn out thing with tons of pictures because my ass Fucked up lol

But still

Hire me.

Okay that’s all.

Until next time.

Paint on.


Tall, Dark && Handsome… What?

So the other day..
..well for the most part.. ( it was more like over a year ago, but we are just going keep that between you and I)
I was just randomly thinking about the dating scene,
what people are into and their types.. all their likes and dislikes
Fuck it.
Fuck it..
Fuckity fuck..


And then it struck me like a lightning bolt from the mothafucking sky….

Who came up with Tall, Dark and Handsome?

Like what does that even fucking mean?

So then I thought…

Lets look it the fuck up and get all the details.

(Side note: sorry for the use of all the F bombs so close together and it is just the beginning of this post lol.. but you love it though)

First things first.
So I was typing in Tall dark and handsome.
(You can see some of the random ass things that came along with it.)


What is even tall, dark and handsome coffee?

What magical shit is this?

Curious as a cat. I clicked on it thinking that it was going to be something super out of the ordinary for some reason but it turned out to be just like a coffee brand or flavor.


Idk. I clicked out of it so fast from being sort of disappointed that I didn’t even care to look any further.

So moving down this list on Bing or whatever I was using to search this non sense.
I clicked on down to the meaning.

Side note. Again.
Apparently it was a movie also that came out in 1941.
About an hour and 18 minutes long to be exact. lol
Didn’t really care who was in it or what it was about but the cover was cartoon like so you can take that image and run with it.
Unless you have personally seen it before, and if that is the case just dismiss my rude ass.

Back to the story.
Or whatever you want to call this shnit.

First of all. Again.
The first thing that I noticed was a shirtless guy.
Now call me crazy but I guess you have to be in really good shape and maybe tall to fit this role.

I don’t know for sure though because I am obviously having fun with this and just completely guessing out the rear on this one. But mainly having fun.

Clicking on some post from Quora.
I skimmed over it and it basically was referring to Indian men.
(Not sure if this shirtless guy was actually Indian that they were using but he could of

There was also a bunch of other nonsense that I didn’t feel the need to read but on to the next site.


The next site says something about the meaning on
Seems random as fuck.
But again what do I know?
We gonna click on that shit.

Any who

This site says that the meaning has been used for over a century (which a lot of sites seemed to have agreed on that ONE thing)

The site also says that Tall, dark and handsome is mainly to describe
“swoon worthy leading men” 

Whatever that means.

So there you have it folks. I wanted to know the answer and kind of figured it out.
I am also not going to lie and say that I just got tired of looking online because I just stopped caring after like 15 minutes.


Just for fun. I also did the same search on Safari on my iPhone.
And this is what came up.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your kind of long stay here at
Feel free to come again because I will be here!
Until next time folks 🙃