Monocacy Hill

The Captioned Pictures Series 001

Sometime it just feels nice to be able to go out into nature && see what is there.
To see what is happening && to feel the great outdoors.
Sometimes it is just nice to have a breathe of fresh air && a place to forget about life,
Leaving all your worries from the “real world” behind for a few hours.

As I walked through Monocracy Hill, I noticed a lot of beautiful things.
These leaves, the color is so bright so pretty to look at.
I felt a sense of relaxation && a calming effect.

The ripples that the water creates reminds me of skipping rocks as a kid.
Or maybe a sheet drying outside, creating similar ripples as the wind moves across both surfaces.
Fallen branches && leaves have found a new home on the water.

The details in the line of the flower were so delicate.
So soft && so pretty.
This little piece of art work, small enough to fit between my fingers.
Everything about it, made me think about warm weather, with a smile.
Spring has sprung && it is only the beginning.

So many roots that fall into place,
Treading carefully, trying not to trip over them.
The sun was so bright in some spots, while others left me cool.
The stacked rocks helped the water flow in the path of the creek.
So calming, so relaxing, I didn’t want to leave from this spot.
Hearing the water was like a sweet melody.
A never ending melody.


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