Venturing Out

As we all might know/noticed,
I am not super consistent when it comes to uploading new posts for this blog.
But that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, right?

I have always had a creative mind && always like to get my hands into different things
Whether it is writing, crafting or something art related.
But now I have a different project I have been working on && thinking about for literally years.
But like most people it never felt like it was “the right time” to start it.

I had some trouble trying to figure out what would I talk about.
Kind of like having this blog.
There is not a specific topic when it comes to this site so I figured I will take the same direction when it comes
to my podcast.

I wanted to do something that I liked.
I enjoy talking, even if it is to myself.
But I want to be able to reach out to people.
Because I know somewhere, someone would enjoy listening to my podcast.

As of right now,
I created one episode, well technically 2 but the one won’t be there too much longer.
I have a ton of topics && ideas.
I even got feedback from a few people that was helpful.
The main vibe of my podcast is laid back.
I can deal with that!


That is the name of my podcast.
I am sharing it here with you.
Simply because you were here first && have put up with me for this long. lol

WhereIsTheMustard • A podcast on Anchor

Thank you to all of you have supported me thus far!


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