No More Options

Giving people too many options is a terrible thing.

It lets someone else control your “every move”..

You base your day around the what if’s when you know it’s just something said to keep you holding on.


…Well then your trapped.

You find excuses for why things like this happen to you.

When in fact you are the reason it keeps happening.

We always hear that life is too short.

It’s extremely short…

Your life is not for wasting.

For it is the only life you get,

&& to waste it on something or someone can be your greatest fault.

It hurts to hear this but it must be said.

We can only protect ourselves for so long before we start to break.

We can only repeat the same lies so many times before it destroys our well being.

We can only continue to lose ourselves as the days pass by.

We have to unhook ourselves from the garbage that drags us down.

We have to take a stand && move forward with nothing but a smile on our faces.

We have to relearn our worth.

We have to regain ourselves back.

For it is the only life that we have.

&& with this life…

We shall be great!


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