The “Perfect” Person Doesn’t Exist

I feel like this is some what of an “obvious” statement, but some might not agree and I might prove myself wrong one day but this is clearly just my own opinion.

Lets think about it.. like really, really think about how the perfect person does not exist.

  1. I don’t care what anyone say, looks are pretty darn important, it’s the first thing you notice when meeting a person. It might sound shallow as fuck, but it’s true.  (No need to sugar coat it) I can not believe anyone who says that are with someone they are not physically attracted to. && IF that is the case, that is not the perfect person. Would you only be “in love, or lust” with them for their inside, or personality, whatever. Either way you are not in love with ALL of them. (The point I was trying to make.)
  2. Everyone has flaws! For example, you could be super attractive to someone && they can have an amazing personality BUT they have that one annoying habit that just urks your mothafucking soul. It might not even be something that happens that often but it happens. Automatically eliminating that person from being perfect.
  3.  How about the ones that seem to have it all. The ones that have a great job, the perfect car, nice house && fuck it, the cutest puppy.  aww. BUT… they half their teeth are missing && they have been married 6 times. (I don’t know if that is even a thing. probably) Do you over look that? or just see it as eh that was the past. If so.. chances are that you might be one of those people who are all about image. && no one has a perfect image! SUPRISE! 
  4. Maybe the “perfect” person is someone who loves to leave little notes all over the place for you because it is cute, but there is one catch. This person never finished high school && can not spell or barely write to the point where it is legible that you have to constantly ask what they were trying to say in their note.

Now I would do a few more examples but I think you can get the point from what I was saying above.
That point being that, there is not a perfect person who exists. The only kind of people that are real are the ones we fit into our lives because we like them that much && in our eyes that person is “perfect” flaws && all.

Bet you didn’t except it to come to an end like this. lol 

So inconclusion, just spread love perfect or not.
Love the ones who matter the most! ❤


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