Is it really accurate to say that someone is lucky?

Not to long ago I had briefly chatted with someone that I haven’t talked to in months.
Getting to the basic small talk like;
What’s new?
How have you been?

Basic Bish Sh*t

But what does it really mean when someone says, “They are lucky to be with you?”

Is that a weird question to ask aloud or is it just me?
But I really want to know.
It sort of bothers me in a way,
Because, I don’t understand why…

Being with someone doesn’t really make someone lucky..
Maybe, in some ways but not as a whole.
Kind of like how no one is perfect so why is that even a thing.
I should Google it..

(several minutes later)

So I guess it really is a thing.
People can feel like they are the luckiest person in the world because they are with someone they are happy to be with or just extremely lucky to have.

According to a post that I did not save…
It had a few bullet points saying how feeling lucky is somewhat of a good thing.

So Basically…
To sum it all up…

Being with someone should make you feel like you are with your one in a million && that you both should feel that little spark of happiness or the feeling of luck to be together

Who would of thought? 🍀


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