When I Grow Up

When I grow up…

(As the Pussy Cat Dolls song plays in my head)

I wanted to be so many different things && yet I did not become any of them…lol
Besides a dope ass person.. ha

(Guess I was dreaming way to big lol jk)
But when we are kids we get asked that crazy question && we think of the “generic” or most popular answers.
I am sure most of us did,
like wanting to be a doctor,
or a firefighter,
or a policeman,
or an astronaut,

You know, the basics.

A few months ago my daughter told me that she wants to be a chef.
It kind of surprised me since she well is, (thanks to me!) the pickiest of all eaters who have ever walked the land. lol

So I am not going to lie, it kind of threw me off.
But I guess you can’t base what you eat && what you could create for others as a thing?
Nope, not a thing. I would know.

I guess it would be like someone who likes to write (me) but never reads…
They go hand in hand right? Or vise versa.
Yea, lets go with that one!

I will take some credit from seeing that I am indeed a self named “Mini Chef” as my Chef has called me && have been cooking since 2011 on && off, but there is something about being in a kitchen that is inspiring to me.

(First of all I can say that I don’t think that anyone in my family would of thought that I would of chose this career path. Ya kno. )

I didn’t go to a culinary school.
I do hold a degree though.
But to me it is pretty useless…


But since working at my job for the last damn near 4 years,
I have learned the bulk of what I do now.
It is literally so interesting to me what you can make with food.

I love being able to see the outcome of an idea that I might have.
I love making these creations based off of color.
I love to present, what I think, is greatness.

Back tracking to the career options,
Being a chef wasn’t really on my list.
I mean it has crossed my mind from time to time,
Mainly from watching cooking shows.

It just makes me smile just by thinking about it.
You should always love what you do.
And have that burning passion behind it!

Success is what we should all aim for.
Strength is what we should all gain.


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