2020 –>2000 🤯

Remember when we all thought that the world was going to end in 2000?

It was all about the big Y2K. Buying flashlights, water && whatever other nonsense people were told to stock up on. Probably got eggs && bread as well. Oh && milk, can’t forget about the milk. Because milk does the body good…lol

But I guess we really dodge the bullet on that one, lucky us…

But look at us now, 20 years later && the world is still spinning…

I thought it would be a fun idea to look back on all the things that were ‘in’, 20 years ago.. give or take… enjoy

This should be fun

Sidenote: I sort of thought that I was going to go off && make this long ass list but it was late && I was like eh, it’ll be alright.. lol

I also thought I would just add things to this list that I actually used or related to back in the day. I guess it makes this list a little more meaningful in a sense… AWWW you guys really want to get to know me better!! (I knew it)

  1. AIM
    Oh, the ever so popular messaging site where the first question you always asked was a/s/l . This seemed so innocent for the most part I think more so before people were actually thinking that there was some creepy old guy in the mix pretending to be a few years older than you. I mean it obviously happened but it was like who needs a cell phone, I got AIM bitchesss!
  2. RAZR
    Although this is not personally something that I had when I was younger, I still thought that it was a classic thing to add to this list. (Regardless of what I just mentioned in my above statement..so disregard that) I remember my aunt having this phone, maybe even a pink one, idk, but one thing I do remember is that it was not a phone that I ever wanted to have. I just simply wasn’t a fan of it. I was basically just too cool for it.
    This makes me laugh, (like most pointless things) only because it is like, lemme squeeze out some glossy-gloss for my lippy-lips. The kicker of this product was that for some reason or another it was always so damn paste like. thick && sticky on the lips. I do not know why anyone would want to have that on their lips, but hey it was a thing. I know I had some, but that didn’t mean it was a good idea. #notmyfaulttheymademedoit
    Here is yet another thing on my list that I personally never had but I thought they were cool enough for me to have a pair… in spirit. I mean there isn’t much to say about these shoes besides that they are skater shoes, && that’s okay. They really don’t need anymore introduction than that. Moving on…
    I swear Myspace was all fun && games until it came to the top 8. That is where I feel like a lot of hurt feelings && friends were lost. Luckily, there were codes to add in more top spots. You would think that all your problems would be solved but NOPE! Still had to think about where you placed people, && in what order. It was a hot ass mess it was like people took that shit soo seriously. Insane, but I would like to say that it was nice be able to have a song on your page. Myspace was the real MVP. #fuckwhatyouheard
  6. IPODS
    I will be the first to admit that I always wanted to have an IPOD, but never was fortunate enough to have one. Which is a little weird considering I was never one to follow the tread of IPHONES when they came out. I was so anti-IPHONE that I had like every other phone. Sorry, got sidetracked. But this was finally a way to be able to listen to whatever you wanted without having that dusty old CD player weighing you down. Slim && straight to the point. Score 1 for the IPOD.
    Perhaps the phones that started it all? Maybe. I don’t remember that far back, so I am strictly just making this guess all up on my own. (k thanks.) Thinking about these phones I just think about the classic blue phone with the silver around the screen && what not. Flip phones && old school phones truly tested your replying skills. Your skills for texting && how much of a pro you were by getting the count down for how many times you had to push the same number. This is also one that I can’t say that I had either. #therealneedforspeed
    Listen, HONEYYYYY, I can’t even tell you what brand I had with these but, they were all black && had that black cloth across the top. You couldn’t tell me NOTHING!! Who needed flip flops when you got the shoes that really rock. Run in them, play in them && even wear them for a more dressier attire. They were, for me, the all in one kind of shoe. That shoe that you put on when your lazy for sure. Doesn’t even matter what you were wearing.. lol fukk it, tongue out && everything.
    I was surely guilty of jumping on the LIMEWIRE train. Listen, I had to make sure I had all the newest songs for my CD player. I was always making CD’s, I am making it sound like it was my part time job, but it basically was though. It was like one of those things where it was like I know I shouldn’t be doing this but Imma do it anyways because I need to listen to this song on repeat. I am pretty sure almost everyone alive used this at least once or maybe just even downloaded it to feel that sweet victory.
    Finally, here it is the grandest of all finales, the Sega Dreamcast. The only thing that I honestly remember playing on this console was Crazy Taxi. That game is straight classic. Looking back on this I am also not really sure what made this different from the PS systems. Clearly I am no expert, I just had a thought that’s all. Anyways, great console for that game from the start, that’s pretty much all I have to say about this which is not very informative considering it is the grand finale.

My bad
The next list I will do better…
Because these items were not in any particular order…

With all this being said, that concludes my little pointless list of things that we were introduced to 20 years or so ago, damn we old. Minus the fact that 2020 is more than halfway over… I slack sometimes I apologize.

(Why did I make this sound like a video outro)


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