Tall, Dark && Handsome… What?

So the other day..
..well for the most part.. ( it was more like over a year ago, but we are just going keep that between you and I)
I was just randomly thinking about the dating scene,
what people are into and their types.. all their likes and dislikes
Fuck it.
Fuck it..
Fuckity fuck..


And then it struck me like a lightning bolt from the mothafucking sky….

Who came up with Tall, Dark and Handsome?

Like what does that even fucking mean?

So then I thought…

Lets look it the fuck up and get all the details.

(Side note: sorry for the use of all the F bombs so close together and it is just the beginning of this post lol.. but you love it though)

First things first.
So I was typing in Tall dark and handsome.
(You can see some of the random ass things that came along with it.)


What is even tall, dark and handsome coffee?

What magical shit is this?

Curious as a cat. I clicked on it thinking that it was going to be something super out of the ordinary for some reason but it turned out to be just like a coffee brand or flavor.


Idk. I clicked out of it so fast from being sort of disappointed that I didn’t even care to look any further.

So moving down this list on Bing or whatever I was using to search this non sense.
I clicked on down to the meaning.

Side note. Again.
Apparently it was a movie also that came out in 1941.
About an hour and 18 minutes long to be exact. lol
Didn’t really care who was in it or what it was about but the cover was cartoon like so you can take that image and run with it.
Unless you have personally seen it before, and if that is the case just dismiss my rude ass.

Back to the story.
Or whatever you want to call this shnit.

First of all. Again.
The first thing that I noticed was a shirtless guy.
Now call me crazy but I guess you have to be in really good shape and maybe tall to fit this role.

I don’t know for sure though because I am obviously having fun with this and just completely guessing out the rear on this one. But mainly having fun.

Clicking on some post from Quora.
I skimmed over it and it basically was referring to Indian men.
(Not sure if this shirtless guy was actually Indian that they were using but he could of been.eh)

There was also a bunch of other nonsense that I didn’t feel the need to read but on to the next site.


The next site says something about the meaning on tallsmlimtees.com
Seems random as fuck.
But again what do I know?
We gonna click on that shit.

Any who

This site says that the meaning has been used for over a century (which a lot of sites seemed to have agreed on that ONE thing)

The site also says that Tall, dark and handsome is mainly to describe
“swoon worthy leading men” 

Whatever that means.

So there you have it folks. I wanted to know the answer and kind of figured it out.
I am also not going to lie and say that I just got tired of looking online because I just stopped caring after like 15 minutes.


Just for fun. I also did the same search on Safari on my iPhone.
And this is what came up.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your kind of long stay here at heyhihelloitslalaxo.com
Feel free to come again because I will be here!
Until next time folks 🙃



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