Future Things && Such

I have never saw myself being the kind of person to get married.

Or have kids.

Or pretty much any of those “dreams” that “normal” people seem to have either while they are growing up or a little later in life.

I spoke to soon. (Of course)

If someone were to ask me what I wanted.

I would simply say.

My life.

My life to feel complete.

Now that I am hitting that age where it’s like “ahh I’m getting older gotta make some life changing choices” maybe for the better, but who really knows (super sarcastic voice, while reading it at a slightly faster speed)

But for the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting and thinking about where I would like to see myself in a few years.
&& I’ve come to find that the answer is very simple.

It is to be happy.

Crazy to say this out loud but I could totally get down with tying the knot. Eh maybe.

But I already have a kid. ✔️

Single. ✔️

But all I would like

(Now that I am actually writing this I feel super weird about it. Is it too late to turn back now and pretend that I didn’t go down this path!? 🙈 Someone is framing me! ha)

I sit and smile.

Basically daydreaming about what I want.

(happy thoughts)

I am not going to settle or deal with so much bullskit… yes I know I spelled it that way. Don’t have a cow 🙃 it’s my lingo. Its my jam.

My “list” or “wants” are super basic.
Super simple.
Super easy.
Eh let’s make a list of like 5 things I see in my future or shall I say, want in my future!

…. I’m laughing at myself 🤣🤣 literally dying of laugher.

This is stupid 🙄

What am I actually getting myself into?

Uh. f it.

Onward we go!

I’m going to stick to my guns 😉 && say it out loud

1. Tall guy. Like a tall guy. So tall. Like really tall. Just tall.

2. Super sense of humor that’s also a kid at heart like myself

3. Dog. Here is why. I really can see myself with a little puppy and just going from there.  (I miss having one and just want to do it all over again!)

Like come home from work and BAM there is my little family.

Guy. Daughter(already made.) Dog. (Maybe 2) Me.

So I’m stuck at three, so we are just going to say three things.

Lol for a split second I felt like I was writing an “ad” on a dating site. But this is my blog.

I do what I want.

I write what I want.

And for now. I got nothing else. But I am looking forward to the next few years. I guess we shall see what happens.

(Fingers Crossed 🤞🏼)

But until then.

I’ll continue to dream 😁☺️


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