It’s the most wonderful time of the …


Well with Christmas out of the way.

I have to say.

I am sort of sad to say that I miss being able to have “plans” with my “boyfriend”


Having someone else to share Christmas with.

Its been 3 years of single Christmas-ness and I can say now. I miss it.

I honestly do. Even though I was annoyed at being at my past boyfriends families houses sometimes. 🙄(Don’t we all!?) I still miss it though.

It’s like apart of life. You know.

The Good. The Bad. && The Ugly.

I say all this as I’m sitting here alone.
In bed.
Doing some word searches
…while watching Judge Judy.
Just home alone.

Sounds pretty sad right!?
Or maybe it sounds like I am having the time of my life…


It does feel pretty nice not having to go out and be apart of something extra.

But I still miss it.
I know what your thinking


I know I make no sense what so ever.

But I am still going to say it. I know I am not the only one that has felt or experienced something like this before because again we are all only human. But I just wanted to share this and I do hope that everyone

Single or not

Had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday Season. 😊


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