I don’t like the day and age I live in.
We live in.
Compared to the other decades that have long passed, this one seems almost impossible to live in.
To get by in.
To find happiness in.
To live normally in.
To have something real in.

(It’s crazy honestly)

One minute you could feel like you are on top of the world and nothing can stop you or bring you down. Nothing can stand in your way for you are completely invincible.

(Or maybe… that’s me)….
(Well probably just me)
(Anyways.. moving forward, back to the point on this entry)

If people could take the time out to respond to someone or at least let them know what the deal is so they can stop having their time wasted..
If people could just be more considerate of others.. that would be AMAZING!! 
If more people could take the time to acknowledge when they are in the wrong and try to make it right…
that would be INCREDBILY AWESOME!!
If more people were just honest with themselves and not try to put on a “front or a “show” just for other peoples entertainment..
But no…
that is clearly too much to ask for 😦
..way too much to ask for..

As a society, we seem to do more bad than good.
As a society, we seem to care more about what other people think that do not matter.
As a society, we should understand how people work, and how it is different for everyone.
It is about time, that we as a society take a step in a different direction and learn to protect and respect other people.

For we all are only human and our feelings are real.
Our feelings are what holds us together.
It is our glue…..

But no one will actually ever do that.
It seems to be way too much.
Way to difficult.
Way to “not my problem” -ish
Way to “sucks to be you”
I don’t literally mean no one..
just most people wont,
They wont, because it gives them that sense of people wanting them, when that is not always the cast. Those kind of people are attention seekers. Seeing the world as an opposite.

People need to get off of their invisible high horses and get back reality.
Get back to the times when it was okay to care about other people.
Back in the days when it was okay to show some real feelings, and no one faulted you for being yourself.

Since when did everything become just for show?
Since when did everything seem to become a competition?
Since when did we become so cruel in not only our words but with our actions?

There are way too many people in this world that can’t seem to grasp reality to the point that anyone on the other end side of them will only be able to see the negativity.

&& with that..

It gives them that sense that they have options, which is obviously wrong
&& ridiculous.
I would like people to know and to understand that things like this are a reason why people have certain thoughts and become hurt or even damage themselves…

People need to be aware and have the respect for one another to just speak up and not ignore others, or treat others like they are an option..
… but instead

Talk. Engage. Learn.


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