This Post Makes No Sense, but That’s Besides the Point

Oh boy,
There is literally so much on my mind right now…

Question of the Day: Why do people suck.. sooooo much!? (lol don’t laugh this is suppose to be super serious.. and …action)

That sir or ma’am is a question that I think no one will ever have the answer to.


Or is it?

I guess it depends on how you look at it..
Oh well moving on…

So how was your day today? Mine was Wed-tastic! (See what I did there?.. oh it’s not good.. I’ll do a Shane Dawson and I’ll go

I am pretty sure I gave fair warning of how my site was going to go down.. but I promise you will find it entertaining and end up loving it 🙂

Random thoughts:

I hate that it can be so difficult to get a point across.
I hate that when a question is asked I don’t always get an answer to it.
I hate having any time wasted.
I love talking about nothing what so ever.
I love being my own person, even when it feels like the end of the world.

The only thing that we can take from life is the experiences that we have and/or choose to encounter, do not let anyone make that choice for you. && do not let anyone take anything away from your life!

This post literally made no sense and I am still going to post it! 🙂



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