Self Love

More and more I see people that are in relationships when they are not happy.
All because they don’t want to be alone.

But why?

Is being alone really that terrible sounding?
Is being alone really seen as being the end of the world?

For some people, I guess it is.
But being on this side of the fence it makes me happier knowing that I am happy with myself and not using someone to fake it. Not pretending to be happy.

Why do it to yourself?
Why do it to them?

Being happy and healthy should be number one always!
&& never let anyone tell you other wise because….

You. You come first! ❤

Which leads me to a dream I had the other night.
It felt so real it was crazy.

I had a dream that I married myself.

Yup. Married. Myself.

I had a wedding and everything and so many people came.

Not gonna lie though lol it still seemed weird but waking up after that

I had a lot more respect for myself and feeling the need to love myself more and appreciate time that I have to myself and just enjoy my life to the fullest

Some dreams happen for a reason

And some dreams are worth following.

Maybe not so much the marriage part though,
but you get my drift


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