Memories are made to last forever.
The good, the bad, and of course the ugly.

Since I have moved I have been a happier person. Getting out on my own again.. coming home to my own home is one of the best feelings in the world to me. (Just one of them)
I have unpacked all of my things and what lay on my dresser faithfully?  My iPad.

It has been dead for months.Way before I have even moved, but it holds all the old conversations I didn’t want to lose throughout the years. The connections that I hold dear to me? Not all but some. I thought about it more recently to go back and look at some messages.. some texts..

The ones that made me feel something more..
The ones that made me want to stay up all night for
The ones that I looked forward to every morning
To be able to smile to the sweetness of your presents
To feel that warmth and happiness that once was alive

I want to relive the old conversation that once made me smile from ear to ear.
I want to feel that happiness that once filled my body day in and day out
I want the life that I once had with you when I thought it was the world.
I want that feeling again but I do not dare to stroll down memory lane.

Because it is not you that I want

Things always happen for a reason whether it is good or bad.
This one was for the better..
It was for the better because it was my choice. It was my future that I altered..
…for the better? Maybe… Yes

For years now I have felt like I have once made a mistake and I was suppose to stay
…Stay because I did’t want to be alone..
Stay because you were there..
Stay because it was all I had known for so long.
Stay because it was comfortable


Since then I have moved on
Not in the same way as before
But in a way where I “found” myself
I learned more about myself and the things that I enjoyed

I skipped going down memory lane.
Not because I miss you
Not because I need you
Not because I want you

But because I am better then the past
&& Memories will be memories


Ready to be Happy

October 2015.


It’s been a little journey. Maybe even a little bit of a struggle. But honestly, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot on my own.

Things to be proud of. I’ve done somethings that I never thought possible, or was to afraid to do things on my own without knowing if I could succeed or not.

It has made me somewhat a of a stronger person.

But I’ve also feel like I’ve missed out on somethings.

I am a person who enjoys sharing the little things and doing the little things. (That part has been a little difficult).

Sometimes it is just easier to just blame this generation and myself for being to afraid to venture out on things and take risks.

Who knows where I would be now?

But one thing that I will not do is settle

I think everyone deserves happiness, in any shape or form.

I think everyone has a certain passion that they hold that they can’t wait to show to the world… but only at the right time .. when they are ready

But only they know when it is time.

They say that you can create your own happiness. Maybe even control it as well..
That is probably true, to some degree but there is no denying the happiness that hides within.

Take each day as if it really is your last,
Make sure you laugh as much as possible
Make sure you smile from ear to ear
Make sure you use your ears to hear the ones who wish to be heard
BE the person within

…with no regrets…

Single or not 🙂

That is all ❤