Soooooooo…… o0o0oo0o …oooooo…. ohhhhhh

In case you haven’t noticed umm.. it is the New Year..
Yay for 2018!
And we all know what that means..
It’s time to write our basic bitches new years resolutions.
(that we all know we are not going to accomplish a damn thing on it, so I still have yet to see the point in why people still “do it”)

Any who, so new year equals new me! (#trending)
I can tell you what. We are 7 days into 2018 and I already feel like a brand new barbie doll that has been on the shelf since 2017 but obviously people are waiting until the new year aka now, to buy me because I’m like a limited edition or something.. idk.. the crowd goes wild or some shit like that…you get it.. maybe…idk.. like deal with it….

Moving forward…

But no in all seriousness… I hope everyone had a great new years and to the people freezing their asses off in New York waiting for the ball to drop.. Props to you and having to look at whatever the hell Steve Harvey was wearing and successfully standing out there in like what felt to be -4? degrees or some shit like that.. You guys are truly my hero.

Here is to a back flippin’ amazing drunk ass 2018! Cheers Bitches!! img_3423


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