One Time For My Brow Girls

Shout out to the people who are super blessed to have real life eyebrows! lol
No pencil needed!

First, I would like to say that I am jealous of you all.
You have no idea the struggle that I have had trying to fill in these lines above my eyes.
Trying to get them all even and “realistic” && shit daily.. it can suck…
Seriously… it can, I wouldn’t lie to you.. It is just so goddamn time consuming and I don’t even care half the time.
They will literally be a different shape and style everyday.
That is where my brows and I stand…

Where did that come from you might ask???
…heres the quick version.

I was on Instagram, just browsing through the the search part of the app, and I see this girl and her brows were super thick. (almost too thick)

Thick like a milkshake,
This like molasses,
Thick like a stack of pancakes

Thicker than the straw!
Just plain ole thick, (I think I was able to paint a good ass picture for you just now).. lol

So I clicked on her picture and profile only to learn that they were natural…
I was all like damnnnnn..
(lol too far???)

Brows to be proud of.
Brows with personality.
Brows of the future.



But anyways.
On that note.

I have that love/hate relationship with it.
There are some days where I want to go “all out” with my make up but most of the times (more recently) I have just been doing the basic.

(Basic Bitch Alert)

Guys have it so easy.
I say that way to often, but it seems like a legit statement.
But I would be an ugly guy.
Maybe, but maybe I would have some bomb ass eyebrows.
The world will never know though… ha



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