My Thoughts Aloud, But In Writing

So I was in the shower,
taking a dump,
just kidding.

That sounded like the best way to start this little number off so I went for it.
So I was in the shower (that fact is very true) && I just randomly started thinking about.. everything.
Does that happen to anyone else out there?
Just random thoughts that you have to say out loud to yourself, because if you don’t its clearly not the same.

I literally thought about modeling, && to go into a little bit of depth with that.
Who is going to be doing a shoot with Brock O’Hurn… thinking about a person who isn’t even on that level or even models.
The things that pop in my head sometimes. I can’t even tell you how much of it doesn’t make any sense what so ever. But can we take a quick moment to appreciate that guy

okay, times up thank you.

This week I discovered/found myself using the word LITERALLY way too much.
I feel like this is my new favorite word.
I also realized that I forgot how much I love watching American Dad && that it’s literally (here we go)
the best show I have ever seen in my LIFE.
(I may have taken that a bit further than what I intended to but oh well)

Also, discovered how amazing Olive Garden is.
I love pasta so it just makes the most sense.
(I literally was not going to add that but it just popped in my head && I felt the need to share this with my fellow pasta lovers as well)

Now I completely forgot what I was even going to write next…

Just wait it will come to me.. sooner or later… eh probably not

Moving on…

Oh yeah, so sleep sounds down right amazing right now.
And it is literally (&& I just keep on doing it) only half past noon.
so much simpler.
Why do people take the time to say all those words when they could literally (damn) just say the actual time….

I can’t believe that it is already October. Some people have been counting down for this month/Halloween since 11:59 PM on October 31,2016. lol

But anyways this seems like a good place to put my book mark.
Over && Out!
Until next time pasta babes!


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