Allow Me To Introduce Myself


Yup that’s me, (I know its pretty catchy).

So anyways, lets get down to the basic stuff.
IMG_2805I go by LaLa (no its not my real name but you can deal with it for now)
I am a 27 year old single parent to a third grader… damn
I live in the Keystone State.
I like writing but can not get myself to open a book to read for the life of me…


Once upon a time I had a blog, it did okay but I never kept up with it (like most things) && let it go.. years later, but now I am back with a new blog && a brand new attitude!
.. jk but I am back, not that any of you remember me but still lets get down to business for real this time.

You can expect this site to be a complete mess of randomness. I am not afraid to say that or admit it, because well, it just is what it is. (No sense in sugar coating it) I will post from near && far, inside out && right side in. (No idea if that even makes sense) The main thing that I need you to know about my blogging is that it is completely, more or less, my thoughts written on paper. Journal Style. For some reason this has always been something that I thought was interesting && sometimes other people are able to relate to your nonsense. Writing is the best form of expression for me, it can be a whole lot of things but mainly it’s what I know best. So without further ado, ENJOY.

(Definitely have no idea if this is even makes any sense, but I warned you!)❤


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